What to Cook when you Don't Wanna Cook...a.k.a "TFVG's List of Fast Foods!"

Yep, you know that feeling. We all have it from time to time. It's the ever famous "Im STARVING and need food NOW, but I'm too exhausted to really make anything." And yes, actually...even "The Fit Vegan Ginger" has days like these (think after 10-1/2 hour work days...ick!). My vegan food SOS's?! I have a bunch...and I think it's time I shared them with you all! :D Enjoy, friendzies!


THIS one is probably a no-brainer...but I just couldn't overlook my beloved oatmeal. Seriously guys--oats are SOOOO incredibly versatile. Make 'em sweet, make 'em savory, make 'em thick, runny...enjoy them cooked or raw-you name it. Even use them in soups or stews in place of brown rice! Get creative--you'll thank me later.

Lettuce Tacos

Lettuce tacos are definitely my #2 "go-to" food. All you need is lettuce and literally whatever you've already got in your fridge! You can stick with the traditional "mexican style" taco, or go funky with sweet 'n sour, Asian style, even "dessert tacos." My personal favorite filling? Nuked TVP mixed with dijon mustard and topped with tarragon. SO good.


 Ok. Another no-brainer. But seriously, guys--salads are literally the funnest thing ever. To create AND to eat! Lettuce is like a blank sheet of paper...ready to be smothered in goodness! And don't even think about limiting yourself to JUST lettuce varieties--try cabbage, kale, spinach, arugula, watercress, and my current fave: CHARD, mmmmm!

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is perfect for those days when you can foresee that you won't want to cook. OR for an INSTANT chia pudding, use chia powder--same ratio as whole chia to milk, but absorbs in about 5 minutes. Check out my many chia pudd recipes in my feed!


Oh zoodles, how I love thee...seriously, though. And my fave topping? Cream. With tomatoes. And tarragon. Oh. yes.

That's the basics of my "fave vegan fast foods," but the list could go on forever when it comes to quick and easies--sandwiches, popcorn, "NoGurt Bowls," cereal and almond milk, smoothies and smoothie bowls, nice creams, etc. I'm also famous for GIANT plates of raw veg and noodles with tofu noodles topped with dijon mustard. Whatever you chose to throw together, have fun with it and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY--eat what you're craving. Sometimes I feel pressured to "MAKE something" (i.e. create a new recipe or really be inventive in the flavor combining department...), but this is SO COUNTERPRODUCTIVE--just like we're striving to fuel our bodies with the most nutritious foods out there, we have to trust that our bodies know what we need at that moment...what we're craving is most often what we are lacking (studies prove this fact!). So whatever you eat, enjoy it...and get back to the recipes tomorrow :)

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