Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WRAP WEDNESDAY!: Vegan "Honey" Mustard Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Black Bean Spaghetti.

Happy Hump Day y'all! :)
I don't know about you, but Wednesdays are usually pretty busy for me. Between work, classes, homework, and extracurriculars, I'm worn out by the time I get home in the evening! That said, a girl's still gotta eat matter HOW hectic the day's been! That's the best part about these Vegan "Honey" Mustard Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Black Bean Spaghetti...they're delicious, healthy, well-rounded and filling (packing a whopping 45 GRAMS of plant-based protein!)...and ready in a little over 10 minutes. SAY WHA?!?!?!? For real. Even better?! They both look AND taste good enough (and complicated enough!) to serve to your friends for a quick dinner party option.
Without further ado, enjoy, guys!

Vegan "Honey" Mustard Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Black Bean Spaghetti.

Juicy, sweet, and tangy!

Healthy and delicious!

Vegan "Honey" Mustard Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Black Bean Spaghetti. Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one.

1. 3 oz. water-packed extra-firm tofu, cubed
2. 1/3 cup sliced cherry tomatoes
3. 1 T dijon mustard
4. 1 T vegan "honey" substitute (see below for my fave brands!)
5. 1/8 tsp each onion and garlic powders
6. Cayenne pepper, to taste
7. 1/2 tsp soy sauce (or Bragg's liquid aminos)
8. 2 oz. dry black bean spaghetti noodles (purchase them below!)
9. 2 Romaine lettuce leaves
10. Precooked brown rice

1. Fill a small soup pot 3/4 full with water and bring to a boil. Add spaghetti noodles and let simmer 10 minutes. Drain water and set aside to cool.
2. Combine dijon mustard, "honey," spices, and soy sauce in a small/medium-sized bowl and whisk well. Add tofu cubes and toss to coat. Add sliced tomatoes and toss.
3. Fill lettuce leaves with black bean spaghetti and top with "honey" mustard tofu mixture. Serve over brown rice.

Friday, May 20, 2016

OatMuesli with Strawberry Mylk.

Happy FriYAY everyone! Hope it's been a great week for you all :)
Today's recipe is a super easy and delicious quick breakfast or snack idea. Perfect make-ahead option for those post hot and sweaty run breakfasts (yes, yes, it's getting to be that time of year again!). Don't have strawbs on hand?! No problem. Any berries will work! (Even frozen! Banana would be awesome, too!) However you opt to enjoy this tasty treat, I know you'll love it! Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday, guys! 

   OatMuesli with Strawberry Mylk. 
   So thick and creamy!
                         So good. 

OatMuesli with Strawberry Mylk. Vegan, gluten-free. Serves one. 

1. 1/2 cup old fashioned or rolled oatmeal
2. 2 T finely ground golden flaxseeds
3. 1/2 cup plant based milk of choice
4. 1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped
5. 3 oz. silken tofu
6. 1 T liquid sweetener of choice (or 15 drops liquid stevia)
7. Sliced strawberries, for garnish 

1. Combine oats and flaxseeds in a medium sized bowl and mix well. Set aside. 
2. Combine strawberries, milk of choice, tofu, and sweetener ofnchoiceninnhighbspeed blender and blend from low to high speed unit perfectly smooth. 
3. Store Mylk in an airtight container in fridge until ready to enjoy. Mix all ingredients before serving. Serve chilled for best taste. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookie Dough.

Have you ever been in a breakfast rut? Come on...y'all know what I'm talking about: cereal, oatmeal, tofu scramble, avo toast, repeat. The end. Boring, right? Yup, agreed. Sometimes you're tastebuds are just hankering for a change...and my Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookie Dough delivers: not only is it packed with vitamins and healthy fats, but it literally tastes like you're eating dessert for breakfast. Even better?!: it takes about 3 minutes to make...IF THAT. Now if THAT doesn't make you wanna jump out of bed on Monday mornings, I don't know WHAT will...enjoy, guys! 

  Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookie Dough. 

Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookie Dough. Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one. 

1. 1/2 overripe banana, mashed
2. 1/3 cup old fashioned oatmeal
3. 1 T powdered peanut butter
4. 3 T all natural peanut butter
5. 1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional, but recommended)
6. Toppings of choice (delish with fresh raspberries!)

1. Combine all ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl and stir well. 
2. Scoop cookie dough into a small serving bowl and top as desired. Serve! 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Exciting announcements!: Ebooks and Health Fairs!

Happy Friday, fitties! So, I have some prrrreeeeeetttttyyyy exciting news...TWO things, actually.

Number 1: THE EBOOK IS OFFICIALLY OUT! You can now purchase your very own copy of "The Fit Vegan Ginger's '(Almost) No-Cook Book'!" for $10. My very first recipe ebook features 70 pages of delicious, single-serving vegan recipes...all ready in 15 minutes OR LESS! To purchase, simply click on the "Cookbooks and Ebooks" tab on the top of my homepage and select The Fit Vegan Ginger's "(Almost) No-Cook Book!"

Now for announcement number 2...are you in the Lynchburg, VA area this weekend?! Well, if so, you're in luck...I will be at the Health Fair at the Vitamin Shoppe in Lynchburg tomorrow, April 30, from 12-4 pm! I will have samples from my brand-new ebook, as well as a printed copy for you to browse through before purchasing! Be sure to stop by and say "hi" to me! I'd love to meet and chat...over some yummy snacks, of course (FOOD IS A MUST ALWAYS ALWAYS!).

As always, thanks for your support...keep commenting and sharing your input with me: I love to keep in contact with everyone! Check back this Sunday for a yummy new recipe...

Stay happy and healthy,
"The Fit Vegan Ginger!"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pancake Sunday!: Turmeric Blueberry Spice Superfood Pancakes.

Happy Sunday, everyone!
If you're like me, Sundays mean a couple of things: 1. sleeping in. 2. rest day...aka extra time for yoga. 3. quality time with family and friends. 4. "catch up" and "prep for the week ahead" day. And 5. PANCAKES FOR BREAKFASTTTTTTT! It's pretty much the golden rule when it comes to Sunday breakfast or brunch: whatever you eat, your plate MUST include a short stack (or a tall stack...).
Now, what's special about this stack? Well, other than that it's INSANELY DELICIOUS, this stack of pancakes is completely loaded with nutrients...practically OVERFLOWING from all the health benefits (and maple syrup...)! So, what exactly is IN this stack that makes it so wonderful? Keep reading...
Turmeric. Turmeric is probably the most potent herb out there when it comes to health benefits. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory has been used as a natural alternative to prednisone in some case studies (with SUCCESS, I might add!). In addition, turmeric has powerful antioxidant properties, making it extremely effective at ridding the body of harmful free radicals. In other studies, turmeric has been shown to be effective at reducing the risk of heart disease, treating depression, lessening the effects of alzheimer's, and even curing cancer!
Wild Blueberries. Wild blueberries are among nature's leading sources of antioxidant's. According to, "...a one-cup serving of Wild Blueberries has more total antioxidant capacity (TAC) than 20 other fruits and veggies, including cranberries, strawberries, plums, raspberries and even cultivated blueberries." Blueberries naturally contain the antioxidants pterostilbene and reservatrol, both of which are effective at neutralizing free radicals. They are one of the best sources of natural fiber, containing a whopping 6.2 grams in just 1 cup. Additionally, blueberries contain health amounts of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, manganese, and copper. 
Coconut. Just one ounce of dried coconut contains 4 grams of fiber, making it a delicious way to help you "stay regular." Coconut also contains brain-boosting copper, which promotes the production of myelin, the protective coating around our brain's neurotransmitters. Studies also link coconut to improved memory.
As you can see, these pancakes are pretty darn healthy. But that's not all...they're pretty darn delicious, too! But don't take my word for it....try 'em yourself! And let me know watcha think in the comments! 
Have a great week, guys, and enjoy your pancakes! 

Turmeric Blueberry Spice Superfood Pancakes.

 Turmeric Blueberry Spice Superfood Pancakes. Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one (makes 5 medium-sized pancakes). 

1. 1/2 cup gluten-free flour (I used oat flour)
2. 1/2 tsp baking powder
3. One packet stevia powder
4. 1/2 tsp ground turmeric
5. 1/4 tsp ground ginger
6. 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries
7. 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (refrigerated kind)
8. 2 T dried coconut chips
9. Peanut butter of choice and maple syrup, for topping

1. Combine first 5 ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and whisk well. Add blueberries and coconut milk and stir. until a smooth batter forms.
2. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto heated nonstick pan. Cook 3-4 minutes per side. Repeat with remaining batter.
3. Arrange pancakes on a large plate and add toppings. Serve immediately. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

National Grilled Cheese Day Meets Taco Tuesday...GRILLED CHEEZE TACOS (and Summery Tomato and Sweet Garlic Soup).

Yes, people. I'm completely serious right now. VEGAN. GRILLED. CHEEZE. TACOS. And they are sooooooo gooooood. What made me think of such a bizarre and ridiculous thing?! Well, since you asked...
You guys already know that I'm a pretty die-hard foodie...especially when it comes to holidays. One of my favorite things about holidays is making delicious vegan food: for myself, for my family, for my friends, and heck...for my puppy! (Candy cane dog biscuits are gonna be a thing in my household this Christmas...I'll share the recipe, don't worry! :) ) However, when said holiday happens to be a FOOD HOLIDAY like today (HELLOOOOOO #NATIONALGRILLEDCHEESEDAY!), the little girl that still lives inside me screams even louder than she does on regular holidays. I mean, what's better than AN ENTIRE DAY DEDICATED TO ONE FOOD...especially when that food just so happens to be a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH. With that said, let's backtrack a little bit. I'm a huge food-holiday lover...including the WEEKLY food holidays: Meatless Monday, Waffle Wednesday, Pancake Sunday, and the star of today's recipe inspo: TACO TUESDAY. I was trying to think of a creative way to combine these two food holidays into one, and thus, it seemed I had two options. Option 1: taco grilled cheese. Think crispy bread slathered with homemade guac and stuffed to the brim with all my fave taco topping goodness. Tempting, but BORING. Everyone does that. (Although this recipe looks pretty darn tasty when swapped with vegan "meat" and cheeze!) That brings us to option 2: Grilled cheese tacos. WHAT?! Uh-huh. My first thought was, "HOW?!" (This might have been your first thought too...!) I mean, think about it: a grilled cheese is delicious, gooey,  melty cheese inside two slices of bread (duh...). How exactly can you turn that into tacos without just changing the shape of the grilled cheese sandwich?! we're getting somewhere!
Behold, my friends, my original creation...the first recipe of it's kind, straight outta my crazy head: The Fit Vegan Ginger's Grilled Cheeze Tacos. Delicious toasty bread cubes inside perfectly crispy romaine lettuce leaves and slathered in my sinlessly gooey and delicious cheeze sauce. And because a grilles cheese isn't complete without a bowl of tomato soup, I've included the recipe for my luscious Summery Tomato and Sweet Garlic Soup! This is such a unique and delicious spin on an old-time foodie fave, and it's a perfect meal for a warm spring day like today! The lettuce "taco shells" in place of bread give it a nice and light feel, while the slightly sweet tomato garlic soup adds a nice palate cleanser to the richness of the cheeze. Convinced?! Mission accomplished. Enjoy, fitties!

Grilled Cheeze Tacos and Summery Tomato and Sweet Garlic Soup.

Crispy, crunchy, cheesy, healthy...all in one. So good.
Summery Tomato and Sweet Garlic Soup.

Thick and creamy goodness.

Grilled Cheeze Tacos with Summery Tomato and Sweet Garlic Soup. Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one.

Grilled Cheeze Tacos
1. 4 large romaine lettuce leaves, washed and dried
2. Two slices vegan bread of choice, cubed
3. One recipe "Basic Cheeze Sauce" (see this post!)
4. Chopped parsley, for garnish

Summery Tomato and Sweet Garlic Soup
1. 1 cup canned tomato sauce
2. 1 cup plant-based milk of choice (I used cashew, but soy would be BOMB)
3. Salt, to taste
4. 1/2 small clove garlic, grated (less if you're not that into garlic's spiciness)
5. 1/4 tsp onion powder
6. Less than 1/8 tsp stevia or sweetener of choice
7. Chopped herbs of choice, for garnish (I used parsley, but chives would be great too!)

1. Preheat oven to 400 F and line a baking sheet with parchment. Place bread cubes on parchment (you cold spray with coconut oil cooking spray, if desired) and bake until crispy, about 15-25 minutes, flipping halfway through.
2. Remove bread cubes from oven and let cool 10 minutes. When cool enough to handle, fill lettuce leaves with bread cubes and set aside.
3. Combine all ingredients for soup in your vitamix or high-speed blender and blend until smooth, starting on low speed and working up to high. Pour into small bowl and chill until ready to serve.
4. Prepare cheeze sauce according to recipe instructions. Drizzle cheeze over tacos and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with chilled tomato soup and a side salad.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Workout Wednesday Poll: Should You Have Different Shoes for Different Types of Workouts?

Happy Workout Wednesday, fitties! :)
Today's WW post isn't a workout, but it's a common question in the fitness world these days: should you have multiple pairs of workout shoes if you do multiple types of exercise? I get asked this question so often...but there isn't one set answer. Just like one brand of running shoe isn't perfect for every runner, the same answer to this question may not be a good "fit" for everyone. So how can you know what YOUR answer is? Well, first we need to look at what types of exercise you do.
For example, let's say you're primarily a runner, and also lift weights a couple times per you need different shoes? Most likely not. Now switching gears, let's say you're a cardio queen (or king) that alternates between the elliptical, stair stepper, and treadmill, who occasionally throws in a cross-fit class. The verdict for you? Get a second pair. How can you know, though? What is your situation is different from either of these? No's the bottom line and my rule of thumb when it comes to workout shoes: if both/all of your exercise routines are upright mileage based (think running, walking, hiking, even elliptical), definitely have 2 pairs. However, if your workouts are 1 type of primary cardio (i.e. running) and 1 type primary strength training, then you don't necessarily need a second pair (unless you're simply a workout shoe junkie and can't seem to have enough me...hey--there are worse addictions!). In addition to having different shoes for different workouts, many running coaches even advise having two pairs of shoes that you alternate between on a regular basis--regardless of cross-training or alternate workouts, for the sole reason that each pair will last longer. You literally buy two pairs of the exact same shoe at the exact same time, and alternate between the two pairs (say, weekly). The more you switch up your shoes during your workout week, the more life you'll end up getting out of all of them. And, as mentioned above, this goes for more than just running.
I'll use myself as an example: I run 5 days per week and cross-train on the elliptical once per week, in addition to lifting 3 times per week and HIIT 3 times per week. I have one pair of running shoes I wear for my runs and my lifting sessions, and one pair I wear for my XT and HIIT sessions. I've been doing this for a few years now, and have definitely noticed better life span in my shoes because of it.
Now, if you're reading this and going, "Hold up now, Anna. ONE pair of running shoes is expensive will I buy TWO pairs all the time?!" My sentiments the beginning. Remember how I said you can, in some cases, get DOUBLE THE LIFE out of your shoes when you alternate between two or more pairs on a regular basis?! Well, there's your solution: you're not spending any more money than you normally would be...LESS, even! Yes, it's more money up front, but you'll end up saving money in the long run.
Now what kind of shoes do you need? Well, if you're a hard-core runner (or really a runner at all), you should without a doubt get fitted at least once for a good, solid pair of true running shoes. After I recovered from my stress fracture in 2012, I went to my local running store and got fitted for a really good pair of shoes, per my Physical Therapist's suggestion...and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They matched me with my beloved Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes, and I fell in love instantly! I'm now on my 6th pair of these babies...they're the only shoe I'll run in!

My beloved Mizuno Wave Inspire running the color I'm currently running in! 

As far as the cross training shoes go, you've got two options. Option 1: when you hit your mileage limit on a pair of your running shoes, simply switch them to your XT shoes. Option 2: buy a much cheaper pair of general workout/athletic shoes of your choice from a non-specialty (and thus, non-EXPENSIVE...think $70 or so) store for your alternate workouts. This one is not as thrifty as option 1, obviously, but your XT shoes can double as "fashionable athletic shoes" that you can wear around town (think grocery shopping!).
I've done both of these options and have had good success with both.
My current pair of "XT/alternate workout shoes": simply a pair of cute New Balances I got from a department store!

In summary, it really doesn't matter which route you go...just make sure you're rotating your shoes in some way--feel free to come up with your own method and way of doing it...see what works for you! Just make sure you are, truly and diligently rotating your shoes. I cannot stress this enough. After one round of alternating your shoes, you will be amazed--6 months after you purchase the shoes, when you would normally have to fork out another $120-$150 bucks for another pair, your shoes will just barely be worn...and you'll be a believer for life!

Think you wanna try my method? Let me know! Comment on the post, shoot me an email (my email can be found on my page, "Link up with TFVG!"), or send me a message on my Facebook page ( I'd love to connect and keep up with you on your new shoe experiment! 

Until next time, fitties. Have a wonderful Wednesday...and stay healthy! :)

"The Fit Vegan Ginger"