Friday, April 29, 2016

Exciting announcements!: Ebooks and Health Fairs!

Happy Friday, fitties! So, I have some prrrreeeeeetttttyyyy exciting news...TWO things, actually.

Number 1: THE EBOOK IS OFFICIALLY OUT! You can now purchase your very own copy of "The Fit Vegan Ginger's '(Almost) No-Cook Book'!" for $10. My very first recipe ebook features 70 pages of delicious, single-serving vegan recipes...all ready in 15 minutes OR LESS! To purchase, simply click on the "Cookbooks and Ebooks" tab on the top of my homepage and select The Fit Vegan Ginger's "(Almost) No-Cook Book!"

Now for announcement number 2...are you in the Lynchburg, VA area this weekend?! Well, if so, you're in luck...I will be at the Health Fair at the Vitamin Shoppe in Lynchburg tomorrow, April 30, from 12-4 pm! I will have samples from my brand-new ebook, as well as a printed copy for you to browse through before purchasing! Be sure to stop by and say "hi" to me! I'd love to meet and chat...over some yummy snacks, of course (FOOD IS A MUST ALWAYS ALWAYS!).

As always, thanks for your support...keep commenting and sharing your input with me: I love to keep in contact with everyone! Check back this Sunday for a yummy new recipe...

Stay happy and healthy,
"The Fit Vegan Ginger!"

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