Wednesday, February 3, 2016


So a few days I told you guys I was going to start writing some posts about fitness and health, in general, instead of just posting recipes. This is one of the ways in which I meant that! Every Wednesday will be "Workout Wednesday": I'll post a new workout sequence that I've developed and enjoy doing in my own exercise routine!
And what better type of workout to start with than HIIT, aka "High Intensity Interval Training." HIIT combines short bursts of very high intensity cardio with periods of low intensity cardio or rest. HIIT is a great option for when you're in a time crunch, but still want to get a thorough workout in: because  it's interval training, it's up to 60% more effective at burning calories than steady cardio...perfect for when you're in a hurry! Additionally, if you're like me and have to be completely DRENCHED in sweat to feel like you got a good workout, then fear not: you will be DRIPPING by the end of a HIIT session!
When I first started HIIT training 3 years ago, I looked to different websites and fitness sources for workouts. But the longer I HIIT trained, the more confident in my own ability to create my own specialized HIIT workout! And when I got my Personal Training certification in Summer 2014, I had no reason NOT to create my own! I've found I like making up my own sequences even BETTER than finding ones to do online--I can personalize them in such a way that they target the muscle groups I need to work on in particular, and focus less on the things that are already my strengths.
Convinced? HIIT really is quite fun, and an awesome workout. Try out my short sequence to test out the HIIT waters, and then get creative and start making up your own routines! I guarantee you'll have fun and get a great workout at the same time! :)

When I'm pressed for time and don't have time for my usual 1-hr cardio sash, I love HIIT workouts!


My Favorite HIIT Workout

Directions: Set an interval timer with a 50 second interval and a 10 second interval. Do each move (listed below) for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat sequence 3 times, for a 15 minute workout.

1. BURPEES (also called squat thrust)
2. Crunches *TFVG FIT TIP--keep your chin off your chest, to protect your neck!*
3. Switch jumping lunges (stand in a lunge position and bend knees deeply into a lunge. Spring up powerfully and change legs, finishing with opposite leg in front. Repeat.)
4. Oblique Twist Crunches/Butterfly Crunches
5. Mountain Climbers (Brace yourself in pushup position and alternate bringing one knee into chest and switch, bringing opposite knee into chest as if you are "running" in pushup position.)

There ya go, guys! Your very first HIIT workout. Hope you enjoy!

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