Saturday, October 11, 2014

Breakfast Salad!

                   Breakfast Salad!

This weird but yummy salad is delicious for breakfast (as I enjoyed it), snack, lunch, second lunch, or midnight munchies! Quick to prepare with a lovely combo of will love this!

Breakfast Salad! Vegan, Gluten free; serves one. 

1. One medium size zucchini 
2. 5 drops liquid stevia
3. 2 T brown rice protein powder
4. 2 T balsamic vinegar 
5. 10 drops liquid stevia 
6. Large handful of Campari tomatoes

1. In a mini food processor combine zucchini and five stevia drops. Pulse until zucchini resembles rice and place in a bowl. Top with tomatoes. 
2. In a separate bowl, mix protein powder, balsamic, stevia, and any additional water to reach desired consistency. Stir well an spoon over salad. Enjoy! Delicious. 

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