Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year News!

Merry (belated...) Christmas everyone! And Happy not-so-belated New Year! TFVG blog had a great year in 2014, but 2015 is going to be the best one yet...I can feel it! 
So many exciting things are happening with the blog right now...the first of which is my long awaited COOKBOOK! So many of you dear loyal followers have waited so patiently for my first collection of recipes...and I can officially say I have wonderful news for you all: I HAVE FOUND A PUBLISHER! Well...sort of hehe. I have decided I am going to self publish, or "indie publish" as many people call it these days. It's so hard to find willing publishers in this rough economy...people are so hesitant to invest in something so variable--publishing a book is a big risk, financially. And, in addition, many publishers I talked to were alarmed at my seriousness to publish, given my young age. Honestly, I don't blame them...I am young, in age. But I've also been through a lot for my age and have made some powerful nutritional discoveries--which ultimately cured my possibly fatal medical condition. Long story short, I empathize with the publishers--most 18 year olds are more interested in...other things...not in writing cookbooks...! I've always been a strange one 😰😂👍 #weirdopride I'm perfectly fine with indie publishing; I'm not in this to make money OR get famous. I just think it's pretty important to get my story out there-- let others who are sick...others who have been told there's no hope, no cure...let them know there is hope. There is a cure. And it's not a pill. It's not a magic formula. It's food!
Ok...let's get to the point, shall we?! Haha. Basically I just wanted to let you all know that yes, The Fit Vegan Ginger Cookbook is definitely still happening! I'm sure some of you had started to doubt...again, I don't blame you! I'll admit the blog has been a little slow's so hard to find time to write now that I'm in college. Write, yes. But recipe develop? THAT is a whole other story...! Let me assure you that recipe creating for the cookbook has been in FULL SWING (and then some!)! I do have time for cooking...just not blogging, unfortunately. Which is why I can't give you all a release date for the cookbook still. I feel terrible! BUT. I CAN tell you it COULD possibly be as early as this summer--don't quote me on this, though. It's only a slight slight possibility at this point. But I had to give you a little hope, though! 
So don't give up. Don't stop reading. Don't stop waiting for the cookbook, because let me tell you--it's worth waiting for...! 
Thanks guys-you rock! 
Anna "The Fit Vegan Ginger"

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