Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lollipop Smoothie

This is quite possibly the most delicious smoothie I've ever had. No, I take that back. This is quite possibly the most delicious THING I've ever had. Yes, much better. Seriously, you need to make this smoothie. Absolutely, positively, INSANELY delicious. This smoothie just rocks. And this is overlooking the fact that it takes all of 5 minutes to make. So what are you waiting for?! I think your Vitamix is calling your name...

Lollipop Smoothie

Lollipop Smoothie; Vegan, Gluten-Free. Serves One.

  1. 5 oz. fresh watermelon, sliced into chunks
  2. 1 Cup frozen mango
  3. 1 Cup frozen pineapple
  4. 1 Cup water
  1. Combine all ingredients in a Vitamix (or other high speed blender) and blend until smooth. Pout into a glass and enjoy! 

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