Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holiday Post!: Easter Salad

I'm all about spring-themes food. It's just so pretty! And what vegan doesn't love a big, raw SALAD?! MMMM.....
I've had a head of purple cauliflower in the fridge for a while...I've been waiting to use it until it got close enough to Easter so I could be festive. You all should know by now...I'm cheesy like that! This is a quick, delicious, and beautiful meal you can serve/eat on Easter, and any time of year for that matter! It takes all of 10 minutes to prepare, but it's both pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Easter Salad.

Easter Salad; Vegan, Gluten-Free. Serves One.

  1. 1/2 a medium head purple cauliflower
  2. 5 cherry tomatoes, halved
  3. 1/2 cup green peas, steamed if desired
  4. 3 oz. carrot "matchsticks" 
  5. onion and garlic powders, black pepper to taste
  6. 1-2 T apple cider vinegar (varies depending on how tangy you want it)

  1. Place your cauliflower chunks into a mini food processor and process until  the texture of rice. DO NOT OVERPROCESS!
  2. Add cauli rice to a large bowl. Top with green peas, carrots, and tomatoes. Sprinkle with spices and drizzle with apple cider vinegar. 
  3. Serve!

Easter Salad, all mixed up and ready to eat!

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