Monday, May 5, 2014

Almond Joy Oatmeal.

Are you ready to take a mini vacation to paradise?! I am a strong believer in my theory of "taste bud transporting". And this delicious bowl of oats does NOT disappoint! Silky smooth, warm oats combined with sinlessly sweet coconut, rich carob, and crunchy almonds. This right here is absolute perfection. 

                 Almond Joy Oatmeal. 

Almond Joy Oatmeal; Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one. 

1. 1/2 cup oats of choice (I used oatbran) 
2. 1 cup water (2 if using my "double your grains!" Thehu wye explained in a previous post)
3. 1 T carob powder
4. 10 drops liquid coconut stevia
5. 2 T unsweetened coconut shreds
6. Handful sliced almonds 

1. In a small soup pot, bring your water to a boil. Stir in oats and reduce heat to medium. Cook until just beginning to thicken and then whisk in your carob and coconut stevia. Whisk vigorously to remove any clumps. 
2. Once nearly fully cooked, stir in your shredded   coconut, reserving about 1 tsp for topping. 
3. Once desired consistency of oats is reached, transfer to bowl, top with almonds, and sprinkle with remaining coconut shreds. Enjoy!

                     Absolute Bliss!

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