Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blueberry-Carob Mousse.

This. Is. So. Good. People. Thick, creamy, and so easy to make, this will for sure be a new favorite for is do me! 

            Blueberry-Carob Mousse. 

         Wayyyyy tooooo goooood. 

Blueberry-Carob Mousse; Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one. 

1. 6 oz. Morinu silken extra firm tofu
2. 1/3 cup frozen wild blueberries
3. 1 T carob powder
4. 1/2 packet stevia

1. Combine all ingredients in your mini food processor and blend until smooth, scraping sides as you go if needed. Serve! NOMS. 

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